What is Remote Working?

How do you define Remote Working, freelance and home working?

It can be hard to define exactly what it means to be a Remote Worker.

There is the official label that you need to define in order to let the government know you are no longer simply an employee:

  • A sole trader – someone who is working for themselves (could be any kind of work), and has more than one employer (if you only have one employer then you are in danger of falling foul of government rules)
  • The director of their own limited company
  • An umbrella company worker (often done by builders and care workers)

There are also different levels of self employment.

One person may do all of their work as self employed, whilst another person may be an employee and still do a little freelance work on the side.

Check out this guide from the government about whether or not you are officially a self employed person.

What do you call yourself?

On top of this people call themselves lots of different things.

  • A contractor
  • A consultant
  • Drector
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business owner
  • Freelancer
  • Remote Worker
  • Digital Nomad

So what do you call yourself?

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