Upwork – the new oDesk

Changes to oDesk

As a freelancer you may be familiar with Odesk, it’s a big player in the online Freelance Remote Working landscape (for help with other ways to find Freelance and Remote Working work see this article).

From 2015 oDesk has combined with the other largest platform, Elance, to create Upwork. The company has the vision to promote Remote Working and make it more accessible for both clients and those searching for the right jobs.

Currently there is a lot of competition in the market and overall clients feel that the lag between job posting and hiring is too long. Getting to the right people is just not a straight course and ultimately the quality of work suffers.

What’s already in place?

A new Upwork app is available on Android and iOS and the website also has a better mobile friendly design. Some new tabs on the website include ‘Stats’ that let’s freelancers see their overall performance, success rate along with pointers on how to improve profiles.

Badges are an addition that will probably encourage people to strive more as higher success rate now means greater visibility. That and the new improved algorithms will help the deserving candidates a better chance of getting to the right place.

The new CEO Stephane Kasriel believes this to be a complete relaunch of the company and the new name serves to follow their policies and help reach the revenue goals.

What’s to come?

Communication is key and thus the new platform will soon offer an instant messenger with both chat and video option to let contractors get in touch with freelancers right away. File sharing will further assist in unhindered information sharing and remove the additional step of Skype interviews.

Freelancers will be able to set their availability and give greater clarity to those looking to begin contracts right away.  That’s not it, this message service isn’t just for freelancers or clients registered on the site, it’s for anyone and everyone; definitely an innovative step.

Upwork plans to help star rated professionals earn more by placing some new features that will gradually be released.

Earlier in December 2013 oDesk and Elance merged to become one entity and were so far going strong. With the changes that have so far been implemented there is a mixed review from users with some reporting logged time loss. But it’s still too early to gauge how the platform will eventually perform.

Next Remote Working & Freelance Networking Event Monday 22nd June.

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