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Successfully getting the hardest to reach job-seekers into work

Level 1 Certificate

Gateway to Independent and Remote Working

Launched in 2017 this course offers a valuable and successful addition to employability training.  A dynamic course that has been proven to move learners into work and self-employment, it comes with value-added extras.  Learners and referral partners alike have been very happy with the course, and it was launched with funding attached.

This course has proven effective in moving even the hardest to reach and furthest from the job market into outcomes such as employment, self-employment, relevant vocational training and volunteer work.  The course has a 95% completion rate demonstrating learners remain engaged throughout, and within 3-6 months of the course 60% are moving forward into work or self employment.

This course has been developed by ASE Assist, the Remote Working experts, and delivered to over 500 learners. It has been successful with many groups such as 50+, long-term unemployed, single parents and ESA clients.

This course successfully attracts referral partners. It was run 5 times within the first 3 months of launch and is regularly referred to by employability organisations such as Seetec, Maximus, Shaw Trust, People Plus, Job Centre’s and Housing Associations.

The first course to cover modern areas of work such as the Gig Economy, working remotely, flexible work from home and becoming a Digital Nomad. The content is cutting-edge and dynamic, with regular updates as the market changes.

This course is engaging and vibrant- with excellent feedback from learners.  It works well for the hardest to reach groups such as ESA claimants, the long-term unemployed, 50+ and single parents.

The qualification has been allocated funding £724 (full funding on adult contracts).

Jam-packed with relevant content that works with the new work and health programme. Learners are inspired to be proactive in creating lasting job success for themselves.

As part of the course learners have access to SFEDI’s IOEE for a year

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Details of the course

This course is normally delivered over 6 days between 10 to 3.30pm to be as flexible as possible for learners with complicated lives (carers, health condition etc)

The Modern World of Work

  • Understand how the world of work is changing
  • Understand the pros and cons of self-employment
  • Understand the types of digital platforms available 
  • Understand how payment works

Brand You!

  • Understand own legal status as a worker
  • Understand the types of independent and remote environments
  • Understand own skills and abilities
  • Understand own personal and financial needs

Profile Writing and Getting Customers

  • Understand how to present own skills and abilities appropriately
  • Understand how to create a third-party remote working profile
  • Understand how to find, pitch and complete work on a digital Platform

 Building a long-term Career

  • Understand how to build a sustainable career as a remote worker

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