“I have very much enjoyed this course, it’s been an eye opener. The tutors have been patient and informative. This course is different due to the content, which relates more towards what I want to do. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to work remotely.”

Julia (Work Programme attendee July 2015)


“I have enjoyed this course, it’s given me a purpose to get up in the morning to come and attend the course. I feel confident and more motivated to land the right job for me. The course is brilliantly structured to help people like me who are keen to find jobs and give an option to work as a freelancer.”

Sangeeta (Course attendee July 2015)


“I have really enjoyed this course. This course felt different from others I’ve attended, the other courses felt more like box ticking. This one was really focused. I am so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to do it now.”

Charmaine (Work Programme July 2015)


“I have enjoyed this course, it has been very informative and supportive. This course was different – it was a good environment, good teaching, relevant teaching material. I enjoyed the practical assignments. This course will help me in getting the job.”

M. R. (Work Programme 2016)


“I have enjoyed this course as it can help me think about other jobs I can apply for, using other skills, i.e. languages. This course is different because you can get different ideas of getting back in the job market. I feel that this course helped me because I can get a job as an interpreter and go self-employed. After the course I want to start working as an Interpreter in Gujarati and Hindi. I have enjoyed the course and it has made me more confident.”

Chudasama (Work Programme attendee – 2016)


“After the course I will be actively looking for work but also start my portfolio of my natural products I’d like to sell. The important outcome for me was learning how to market myself better and getting my skills out there.”

Patel (Work Programme attendee – 2016)


“I’m planning to apply for more apprenticeships after the course and investigate Remote Working opportunities with a view to self fund my training if no apprenticeships are available.”

Sean (Work Programme attendee – 2016)

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