Remote Working Opportunities

Remote Working Opportunities come in many shapes and guises.  It’s important to do your research and understand the market you’re in.  You may need to try a couple of things out before you hit on something that works for you.  Here’s our guide to Remote Working Opportunities.

Guide To Remote Working Opportunities

oDesk ElanceoDesk/Elance

One of the biggest Remote Workplace is oDesk / Elance. At the moment they are 2 platforms (the companies merged in 2013). Both employer and employee are protected and as far as possible they ensure you get paid.  They are both based in the US, although they now have lots of UK-based employers (and employees) using them.

Particularly good if you are: skilled in IT, Design, Writing, Social Media, Marketing and Administration.

How they work: You set up a profile and pitch for jobs. Employers check out your profile and decide if they want to ‘interview’ you for their job (sometimes just an email exchange, sometimes a chat on skype).  As you go along you are left feedback (just like Amazon or Trip Advisor) and as you gain a good reputation you begin to get invited to apply for jobs.

People Per HourPeople Per Hour

People Per Hour is a UK-based platform with similar types of work to oDesk/Elance but works in a slightly different way.

Particularly good if you are: skilled in Telephone Work (sales or non sales), Admin, Accounts & Book Keeping, Writing.

How it works: Instead of just being able to pitch for a job you can also set up your own profile explaining what you will do. So for example ‘I will answer your calls for £10 an hour’ or ‘I will do your accounts for £17 an hour’.  The employers seek you out and invite you to interview.


fiverr is a quirky job site where people set up their profile based on what they will do for $5. If you have something niche, that you can automate and do very fast it could be worth having a go. You have to be very good at being responsive and organised – people are impatient on this site and want to hear from you as quickly, and there is a deadline for the orders being delivered. You really earn the money by selling ‘extras’.

Particularly good if: you can create something fast at a low cost to you. Some examples of things people sell for $5 include: 5 minutes of a voice over, Rewrite an article, Create an image in a certain style, Edit 1 minute of audio, Fix a WordPress issue, Give you tips for finding a job on LinkedIn etc.

How it works: People buy your ‘gig’ for $5, it goes into a queue, you have to deliver within a certain time frame (that you set).

EtsyCrafting & Creative

If you make things (jewellery, scarves, cards etc) then check out opening a shop on Etsy.  Or if you are a budding writer you can self publish a book on Amazon.

Particularly good if: you are a creative type, or want to make a living writing books but can’t get a publishing deal.

How they work: Etsy you set up a ‘shop’, upload your stock and manage the whole sales process through it (a bit like eBay but more focussed on you having a shop).  Amazon self publishing is pretty easy to do (write book, format, upload), but quite tricky to make money from (you need to have a niche and really understand your audience).

Multi Level Marketing

There are lots of Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing opportunities on the market. This is a business opportunity where you sell a product, but also sell the business opportunity (so other people can sell the product as well).   As with any business opportunity how well you do depends on how much work and commitment you are prepared to put in. Popular Multi-Level Marketing schemes include Stella & Dot, Forever Living, The Pampered Chef.  There’s a great video from a guy called Dave Ramsey who is a trusted financial advisor in the US, on the pros and cons of this kind of business.

Particularly good if: you like the idea of recruiting a team and managing them, and you are a good sales person.

How they work: Typically this works by selling the opportunity to people who then become part of your ‘team’. You then earn a tiny proportion of the profits they make (and the person who sold you the opportunity makes a tiny proportion of the profits you make and so on).

Our very own Tonia Kelly is part of Total Life Changes – she is using and selling the Iaso Tea.  She finds the benefits to be really effective in her own life, and enjoys the extra income it provides.  As a mother she is happy to have a home-based business. If you would like to find out more about the opportunity you can take a look at her site (lease note ASE is not recommending you take up this opportunity, nor will we benefit if you do so – we are simply sharing this info as Tonia is part of our team and is enjoying working with them).

Which One Is For You?

When deciding if you would like to take up a specific opportunity do your homework first and then talk to people (we’re happy to answer questions if you fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form).

And don’t forget any opportunity you take up – it takes work and commitment. But for many of us it’s the choice we make so that we do get to spend more time with our kids or get off the corporate ladder. Good luck!

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