How Not To Get Distracted Whilst Remote Working

Let’s face it, a big issue with Remote Working is learning to Focus!

There are so many other things you could be doing whilst Remote Working – putting on a load of washing, checking Facebook, chatting to friends, wandering into the kitchen for another snack….

All of these things can leave you unfocussed and unproductive.  This makes it hard to focus on the task in hand and to get tasks done in a timely manner for clients.

How can you focus when Remote Working?

Here are our top tips for staying focused whilst Remote Working:

  1. Have an ‘office’ area.  Even if this is just a cleared space on the kitchen table, make sure you have an areas to do your work.  And make sure you have some box files or other storage for your papers at the end of the day.
  2. Keep it in reach.  Make sure everything you need for work is in easy reach – if what you need is not in reach you can quickly become distracted whilst searching for it.
  3. Have set times to work.  As well as a set area to work you must have set times to work.  Do whatever you can to stick to them – mark them out in your online Calendar, set alerts on your phone, put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door.
  4. Switch off Social Media. You may be tempted to just check in with Facebook or LinkedIn to check to see if any potential clients have got in touch but social media can easily become ‘busy work’ (in other words doing a lot and achieving nothing).  Check social media at set times each day and only for 10 minutes (set an alarm) to avoid getting sucked into distractions.
  5. Turn off your email. Only check your email at set intervals each day.  By responding to every single email the second it arrives you will be come unfocsed and lose your way.
  6. Work in short bursts. Research has shown that the human brain works best in short bursts.  Decide to work in 30 or 40 minute bursts, then take a 2 minute break. That way you stay focused and top of things.
  7. Get an accountability buddy! Have someone you can call when you feel yourself going off track. Better yet have a regular call in the diary with an accountability buddy to keep you both on track.

The bottom line is it’s not easy being focused when your Remote Working.  Creating a structured day helps. And having a support network around you is really important.  It is something you can learn to do, so do keep going.

And if you’ve just spent the last 5 minutes reading htis article because you became distrated – get back to work now! Set an alarm for 40 minutes and then give yourself a reward.

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