How to get paid well freelancing

How can you get paid well freelancing and remote working? When you first start researching remote working through sites such as Upwork, Freelancer and (the old) Elance it can be very disheartneing to see other freelancers are offering to do the same work as you for a fraction of the price. How can you compete […]

Can you earn a living remote working?

We are often asked whether or not home working or Remote Working can really pay well, and be a sustainable career. We can tell you of our experience, and share case studies of people we’ve trained already. However it’s also nice to hear the statistics, released by large organisations, to back up our experiences.

Freelance Event: Tuesday 12th January, 10am, Central London

Remote Working Opportunities & Case Studies Tuesday 12th January, 10am, Central London Some of us dream of working from home, being a ‘digital nomad’, or being our own boss and getting rid of the 9 to 5 and becoming a freelancer. If you’re experienced in any of the following roles, and have an internet connection, […]

Upwork – the new oDesk

Changes to oDesk As a freelancer you may be familiar with Odesk, it’s a big player in the online Freelance Remote Working landscape (for help with other ways to find Freelance and Remote Working work see this article). From 2015 oDesk has combined with the other largest platform, Elance, to create Upwork.  The company has […]

How To Find Freelance Jobs

How To Find Freelance Jobs If you’re thinking about being your own boss, you’re headed the right way. There is a rising trend of people who prefer the flexibility and earning potential of remote working. According to, the UK market for freelance jobs has increased over the past few years: In 2013, the number […]

5 Pitfalls To Setting Up Remote Working Business

Here at ASE Assist we help train and support individuals to become more entrepreneurial in their careers – whether that means setting up remote working business, freelancing, home working, or just taking a more entrepreneurial approach to their existing careers. Having worked with hundreds of people, at all different skill levels, and having created our […]

Would you like 4 Remote Working jobs?

Here’s an interesting VIDEO from the Yahoo! about an increasing trend in the world of Remote Working Jobs – having lots of ‘micro’ jobs rather than one main job. The guy being interviewed has 4 jobs: Digital-media freelancer Selling skin-care products DJ’ing Driving for car service Uber

How Not To Get Distracted Whilst Remote Working

Let’s face it, a big issue with Remote Working is learning to Focus! There are so many other things you could be doing whilst Remote Working – putting on a load of washing, checking Facebook, chatting to friends, wandering into the kitchen for another snack…. All of these things can leave you unfocussed and unproductive.  […]

What do ASE Assist do?

ASE Assist provide training, mentoring and jobs in Remote Working. If you are unemployed (and claiming either JSA or ESA) you can access our services for free if you are referred by your job centre or work program advisor.  Our courses are in great demand and we are working hard to put on enough courses […]

Morning Motivation For Remote Working

With Remote Working it’s always important to structure your days. Consistency is key, it’s better to get some of your tasks done each day (and be able to see what you have accomplished) rather than do the odd spurt of activity now and then which can easily lead to a loss of focus. So every […]

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