What is Remote Working?

How do you define Remote Working, freelance and home working? It can be hard to define exactly what it means to be a Remote Worker. There is the official label that you need to define in order to let the government know you are no longer simply an employee: A sole trader – someone who […]

How Not To Get Distracted Whilst Remote Working

Let’s face it, a big issue with Remote Working is learning to Focus! There are so many other things you could be doing whilst Remote Working – putting on a load of washing, checking Facebook, chatting to friends, wandering into the kitchen for another snack…. All of these things can leave you unfocussed and unproductive.  […]

Morning Motivation For Remote Working

With Remote Working it’s always important to structure your days. Consistency is key, it’s better to get some of your tasks done each day (and be able to see what you have accomplished) rather than do the odd spurt of activity now and then which can easily lead to a loss of focus. So every […]

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