Can you earn a living remote working?

We are often asked whether or not home working or Remote Working can really pay well, and be a sustainable career.

We can tell you of our experience, and share case studies of people we’ve trained already.

However it’s also nice to hear the statistics, released by large organisations, to back up our experiences.

Is working from home a viable option?

First of all how many people in the UK are actually self-employed?

In August of this year the Office for National Statistics reported that 4.5million people in the UK are self employed

Now of course many of those people will have the kind of businesses that may not be of interest to you such as hairdressers, electricians, plumbers etc.

So how many of those self employed people are actually freelancing?

According to the IPSE and Kingston University there are nearly 2 million freelancers in UK.

That’s a lot!

But just because they are freelancing / Remote Working does not necessarily mean they are earning a good wage.

How much can you earn?

Again we have lots of Case Studies of real, UK-based people making a good living freelance and remote working (which we share with people who sign up to Remote Working School). But are there some facts to back that up?

In 2014 the Office for National Statistics discovered that homeworkers are typically skilled, well-paid and older.

And Elance (one of the biggest remote working sites in the world) reported that payments to freelancers increased 37% year on year.

And finally some research done by Boox (an online accounting service) found that the average self-employed worker earns more than double the national average salary.

The average self-employed worker has an annual income of £50,820 compared to the national average of £26,093.

We wanted to share that with you to help give you a balanced view of whether or not freelancing is a viable option for you.

If you think it is then check out Remote Working School – starting for the first time in January.

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