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What is Remote Working?

How do you define Remote Working, freelance and home working?

It can be hard to define exactly what it means to be a Remote Worker.

There is the official label that you need to define in order to let the government know you are no longer simply an employee:

  • A sole trader – someone who is working for themselves (could be any kind of work), and has more than one employer (if you only have one employer then you are in danger of falling foul of government rules)
  • The director of their own limited company
  • An umbrella company worker (often done by builders and care workers)

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Remote Working Desk

How to get paid well freelancing

How can you get paid well freelancing and remote working?

When you first start researching remote working through sites such as Upwork, Freelancer and (the old) Elance it can be very disheartneing to see other freelancers are offering to do the same work as you for a fraction of the price.

How can you compete with someone offering to work for $4 per hour?

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Remote Working

Can you earn a living remote working?

We are often asked whether or not home working or Remote Working can really pay well, and be a sustainable career.

We can tell you of our experience, and share case studies of people we’ve trained already.

However it’s also nice to hear the statistics, released by large organisations, to back up our experiences.

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Freelance Event: Tuesday 12th January, 10am, Central London

Remote Working Opportunities & Case Studies

Tuesday 12th January, 10am, Central London

Some of us dream of working from home, being a ‘digital nomad’, or being our own boss and getting rid of the 9 to 5 and becoming a freelancer.

If you’re experienced in any of the following roles, and have an internet connection, you can find work from home: IT, Design, Writing, PA/Virtual Assistant / Secretarial, Finance & Accountancy, Legal, Translation, Project Management, Marketing, Social Media, Sales, Customer Service.

In In this talk we’ll outline the opportunities available to people looking to get started with a freelance career:

– The Future Of Work – what are remote working opportunties and how is the modern job marketing changing

– Why you should try Remote Working (and some of the reasons may surprise you!)

– The Gig Economy & Remote Workplaces

– How to access flexible working such as part-time and working from home (whilst being employed)

– The opportunities and how to access them

– How not to get ripped off

We’ll also share Case Studies with you.

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Upwork – the new oDesk

Changes to oDesk

As a freelancer you may be familiar with Odesk, it’s a big player in the online Freelance Remote Working landscape (for help with other ways to find Freelance and Remote Working work see this article).

From 2015 oDesk has combined with the other largest platform, Elance, to create Upwork.  The company has the vision to promote Remote Working and make it more accessible for both clients and those searching for the right jobs.

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How To Find Freelance Jobs

How To Find Freelance Jobs

If you’re thinking about being your own boss, you’re headed the right way. There is a rising trend of people who prefer the flexibility and earning potential of remote working. According to, the UK market for freelance jobs has increased over the past few years:

  • In 2013, the number of businesses hiring freelancers online increased 46% and payments to freelancers increased 37% year on year.
  • Elance reports the average hourly rate for UK freelancers increased 6.7% in 2013.

But if you are just starting out or are struggling, it can feel as if the job landscape is a desert rather than a verdant oasis.

Never fear, we’ve been there and it’s our mission to help others find work and build a sustainable Remote Working Career.

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Remote Working Opportunities

Remote Working Opportunities

Remote Working Opportunities come in many shapes and guises.  It’s important to do your research and understand the market you’re in.  You may need to try a couple of things out before you hit on something that works for you.  Here’s our guide to Remote Working Opportunities.

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Avoiding Freelance Pitfalls

5 Pitfalls To Setting Up Remote Working Business

Here at ASE Assist we help train and support individuals to become more entrepreneurial in their careers – whether that means setting up remote working business, freelancing, home working, or just taking a more entrepreneurial approach to their existing careers.

Having worked with hundreds of people, at all different skill levels, and having created our own successful Remote Working businesses we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way.

5 Pitfalls to setting up your Remote Working Business

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Would you like 4 Remote Working jobs?

Remote Working or Micro Jobs

Yahoo Finance article about ‘Micro Jobs’

Here’s an interesting VIDEO from the Yahoo! about an increasing trend in the world of Remote Working Jobs – having lots of ‘micro’ jobs rather than one main job.

The guy being interviewed has 4 jobs:

  1. Digital-media freelancer
  2. Selling skin-care products
  3. DJ’ing
  4. Driving for car service Uber

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Free Suit Clean For Job Interview

Timpsons the dry cleaners are offering a service to clean your suit if you are currently unemployed and have a job interview coming up.

If you need to find a branch use this store locator.

What all round good eggs they are!

Suit Clean Job Interview

Timpson’s Free Suit Cleaning